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What is the attapulgite?

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           Attapulgite clay is referred to as the attapulgite, use is very extensive, attapulgite clay is known as the "king of thousands of soil". Xuyi county has been proven attapulgite clay reserves of 8.9 tons, accounting for 70% of the country, the world 50%. To this end, Xuyi county to take science and technology research and development as a breakthrough point, take the market demand as the guidance, to extend the industrial chain, bigger and stronger attapulgite clay industry be richly endowed by nature, to ensure that the "Golden Resources" produce "gold benefits". With the national food safety standards "food additive attapulgite clay", the national building materials industry standards "attapulgite and test method" is approved, Xuyi County of attapulgite clay industry on the development of high-end road. Now, Jiangsu province of Xuyi county has been the attapulgite clay industry as a pillar industry characteristics to cultivate and support, is expected to "1025" end, Xuyi County, is expected to realize the attapulgite clay industry sales revenue 5000000000 yuan, taxes paid 400000000 yuan, 1-2 listed companies, and will gradually build billions of industrial.

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